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Yet Another Misadventure

This story is actually a mad-Lib type thing that Haras filled out. You can access the original lib at

Yet Another

Aragorn and Legolas were scampering through the forest when an awkward evil ballerina monkey from space fell to the ground right in front of them! It immediately jumped on Aragorn, knocking the young ranger into a troll that just happened to be there, knocking over a gorilla that looks like Gimli as they fell. Legolas laughed at his friend's mishap, but a moment later the evil ballerina monkey from space ran into Lord Elrond's house, making a beeline for the bathroom.

'We'd better catch it!' Aragorn said urgently. 'It will wreck the cheese!

He and Legolas raced in just in time to see the evil ballerina monkey from space knock over a couch.

Legolas tried to grab it, but the evil evil ballerina monkey from space ran up the elf's back, nearly getting tangled in his hair before jumping off and spilling a pitcher of strawberry-kiwi Kool-Aid as it landed. At that moment Elladan and Elrohir came in.

'There are mush rooms in my pants!!!!!! Estel, what did you do this time?!

'It's not my fault!' Aragorn protested. 'Give us a hand here!'

After 3061991 minutes of chasing the evil ballerina monkey from space all over Rivendell, the three elves and human finally caught it and returned it to the forest where they had found it. It quickly climbed the nearest orc and hissed at them before disappearing quickly through the a not respectable hobbits. 'Well at least we'll never see that beast again!' Aragorn sighed in relief.

Dirty, evil and tired, Aragorn, Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir tried to destroy in the back door without being noticed, but they kill right into Elrond. The elf lord glanced at them with a raised eyebrow but did not comment, he had other things on his mind.

'Have any of you seen Lord Embriber's pet evil ballerina monkey from space? It's gone missing and he's very worried. I told him I was sure you four wouldn't mind helping him find it and bring it back here.'

The four friends exchanged evil looks. 'oh no!' they moaned.