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Stories from TAIME press

Here you can look at stories, essays, and reports that myself and other member of The Allaince have written.

Crazy, silly stories.
Here, you can look at funny stories that Haras and I wrote (all the silly, funny, messed-up stuff came from her). CAUTION!!!! Do not read these if you have any problem with the characters from LoTR doing entirely out-of-character things, being able to travel from Rivendell to Hobbiton in 5 minutes, and/or being reduced to approximately 1/4 of their original intelligence.

The Evil Ranger By: Hanna Baggins & Haras Rilbrethilrie

Yet Another Misadventure By: Cassia & Siobhan from The Mellon Chronicles with a little help from Haras Rilbrethilrie

Not-so-silly stories, but still wholly enjoyable
Some good, clean, /slash free stories and written diary-type reports that are good to read, but aren't based on humor (like most of Haras's stories). Most of these are intirely written by me.

Written reports and documentaries for an informational purpose.