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The Alliance in Middle Earth

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Join The Alliance!

On this page, you can join The Alliance Of Middle-Earth. Just e-mail me at, and tell me your name (or created nick-name, if you don't want to give your real name), what species (The choices are Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Ranger, Human (a human thats not a Ranger), Relf, or Orc.), your e-mail address (that's optional), who your favorite charicter from LoTR, and your favorite original member from TAOME (Hanna, Haras, Snake, Syd, or Ogy.) We won't sell your e-mail address, and we won't send you junk mail. Joining just means that you belive every one in The Alliance can work together, no matter what species they are.  

For all species, info is listed in this order: Name, Species, Favorite original member of TAOME, Favorite LoTR character.
  1. Hanna Baggins, Hobbit, Myself, Pippin.
  2. Homesta Runner, Hobbit, Hanna, hmm...not sure.
  3. Donkey, Hobbit, Snake, Elrond.
  4. David Bowie, Hobbit, Syd, Pippin

  1. Haras, Elf, Herself, Smeagol.
  2. Blondie, Elf, Haras, Arwen.
  3. Cossie, Elf, Haras, Eowyn.

Dwarves and Orcs
  1. Syd, Dwarf, Herself, Lianna the Wood Elf (don't ask)
  2. Ogy, Orc, Himself, Legolas
  3. Mariah, Orc, Syd, Merry

Humans, Rangers, and Relfs
  1. Snake, Relf, Herself, Aragorn
  2. Gameoguy, Human, Syd, dunno!
  3. Joselin, Ranger, Hanna, Aragorn
  4. Steelman, Human, Hanna, Gandalf
  5. jigggglee wuzzzelll, Ranger, Ogy, Gimli
  6. Laiaeariel, Relf, Snake, Frodo.

All original members of The Alliance are listed here:
  1. Hanna Baggins, Hobbit, Myself, Pippin
  2. Haras, Elf, Herself, Smeagol
  3. Syd, Dwarf, Herself, Lianna the Wood Elf (don't ask)
  4. Snake, Relf, Herself, Aragorn
  5. Ogy, Orc, Himself, Legolas