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The Alliance in Middle Earth

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Fun Stuff

Here's the area on this site where you can get to have fun. Check it out! You won't be disapointed!

Ask us!
E-mail any of us at Tell us stories, ask us questions, tell us what you like about this site, and what we could improve. Just specify your name (You don't have to use you're real name), Who you're sending it to (Example: Hanna, Ogy, Haras, Snake, Syd.), your E-mail address if you want us to reply, and tell if you would allow us to put you're messages on the site. No swear words, please! This is a family oriented site!

Polls & Stuff
Here's where you can express you're opinion. We will have a different poll each week (depending on how many people vote) and all you have to do to enter is E-mail me at  with your answer. I will show the results of the poll the following week, along with a new poll.
This Week's Poll:

Who is your favorite Orc?

  1. Ugluk
  2. Grishnak
  3. Shagrat
  4. Gorbag
  5. Snaga
  6. lurtz
  7. Other

The results so far:

Ugluk: 3



Gorbag: 0

Snaga: 4

Lurtz: 4


Keep voting!

 We will be posting your Ask Us! E-mails here, as well as some other funny stuff.
Dear Haras,
If you could travel to any part of Middle Earth, where would you go??
From Mariah
I go to Mirkwood!!!!
-Haras Rilbrethilrie
Dear Snake,
Why do you like Aragorn so much?
Dear Cossie,
Cause hes cute and elephant! Which makes no sense... but ... yeah.
- Snake
Dear Haras-
Why don't you like catsup or mustard?
Dear Blondie,
They don't taste good. :-)
-Haras Rilbrethilrie
What is you an is if fi fido than chi?
Hey, joselin!
Um.... uh. Yeah. Like that. Thats what it is.
Dear Syd,
What do you most like: Rubies or saphires or diamonds or emralds?
-Traveling Wanderer
Yo Traveling Wanderer!
Oh. I can't chose...
  • How did the hobbit ruin the boxing match? He tried to destroy the ring!
  • What elf do you eat for breakfast? Eggo-las!
  • What do you call Aragorn when he goes for a swim? A water-strider!
  • What do you get when you cross a cute guy with tresure? Dunno, but both dwarves and gurls are after it!

If you have some LoTR jokes, please send um to me at


Change the cursor!
Right now, the cursor on the main page reads: Lija Rox!. E-mail me at and tell me what YOU want the cursor to read. If you're lucky, i'll change the cursor to read what ever you put in. The only exeption: no swear words!!!
Thanx, Hanna Baggins 

Link of the week (or so).
Each week I will pick a few sites or online games I like, and post them here.
It's about trying to make the Hobbit movie happen. If you want to see The Hobbit in theaters, go to this link and find out what you can do!
One of my favorite sites in the world. Good forum Nice people. Too bad it's closing. Visit while it still exists!