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The Alliance in Middle Earth

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The ones who started it

This page is all about the original members of The Alliance, who they are,  what they do, and Some of the things they like.

That's me.I'm Hanna. Let's keep it Simple. I'm A Hobbit in our club. I'm also one Of the Leaders of the club, along with Haras the Elf. I am short, Golden haired, and basically look like any Hobbit you've seen. I like to eat, tell jokes, sing, make cartoons (though i'm not very good at it), read, eat, make websites, sit in my tree all day and be idle,and eat. I don't like fighting, boats, exploding stuff, people throwing wooden blocks at me, people grabing my book bag and hat all the time, know-it-all Elves & dwarves that think they can boss me around because I'm smaller than them, and being hungry (it's worse than pain!)
I'm spunky, optimistic, tough when I wanna be, sensitive, and how should I say this? I have a real good imagination, which is overly used when I'm hyper which is when I eat too much lembas. (Blame that one on the Elf!)
That basically explains it all

She's an Elf, my best friend, and the other leader of the Alliance. You can describe her as tall, golden haired, (like me but more long and straight) and just by her appearance you can see she defenatly has authority. She has a habit of sneaking up behind unexpecting Hobbits and scaring them half out of their wits (when you have an Elf for a best friend, it happens all the time.) She likes animals, trees, silly stuff, making a lot of nonsense (especially when singing or yelling real loud), nancing about like an idiot,  annoying everyone around her in the range of 15 feet, soccer, and drinking tea (a quality shared with me.) She doesn't like catsup, mustard, Sam Gamgee, little evil clowns, and no one to laugh at her good humor.
She's extremely over merry, hyper, an animal freak, kinda bossy (in a good way), and always a good friend.
She's a Relf. that means she is 75% Elf and 25% Ranger. She is also my other best friend. She has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and has a more slender build than most. Many people say she looks remarkably like a female version of Aragorn. She likes animals, being over merry, forests, being stelthy, being active and out-of-doors alot, pirate sauce (her name for barbeque sauce), the dark, and making fun of other species, especialy Hobbits. And she is now compleatly obsessed with Aragorn. She dosen't like the game tag, loud rock, prepy people, mush rooms, respectable Hobbits (with the exeption of me), and people who tell her she resembles Aragorn (but she really does!).
She really is a good friend, though at some times she gets a bit annoying (Almost more than Haras), and she's always ready to stick up for her friends.

Syd is a dwarf. She is my third best friend. She has brown hair, and looks like a basic dwarf (no, fe male dwarves do NOT have beards).She likes treasure, digging, flirting, mining, exploring, cutting off orc heads, Stomping, singing real loud, and fighting stuff. She dislikes all orcs but one, who she wants to marry. She doesn't like boats, most Elves (but not all Elves)  mushrooms,  trees, and being insulted. She is really tense and yelling a lot, and she is overly obsessed with worshiping master (her nick name for Haras). When she's gone she is usually out looking for treasure, or mining.
The Ogy's an orc.He wants to marry Syd the Dwarf and maybe they will have a baby Orf or Dork. he likes destroing stuff and being scarry.He doesn't like Diva stars, especially Summer, anything nice and cute (he's afraid of bunnies, kittens, and baby hermit crabs), and people who tell him he's puny (he likes to chop off their heads). He is scarry. Nobody likes him. If he was here right now you should run away real fast!!!!!!!!!  Yupyup! You may ask why there is an Orc in The Alliance, well, it's because he's really not that mean. he just likes to look tough. And he saves us from... stuff. I hope.