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The Alliance in Middle Earth

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About The Alliance in Middle Earth

You might of been wondering what this site is about? Well, this is the place to go, if you want to figure it out. Hopefully, the slections below will help clarify the point.
(If you are not a Lord of The Rings fan, you may not have intrest in this site. But take heed! I said you may not have intrest, I didn't say you will not have intrest.) Who knows? Maybe my site will make you a fan.

How it started
The Alliance in Middle Earth started when me and some of my friends were sitting on the couch. Haras was staring out the window. Ogy was staring at the blank television. Syd was sleeping. Snake was petting my cat. And me, I was stuffing my face. Then, Haras looks at me and says, "you resemble a Hobbit". I was really, I mean REALLY ANGRY! I was furious! but as time went on, more and more people told me exatcly the same thing Haras had said. after 10 different people said that line, "You resemble a Hobbit", (or something else close to it) I didn't mind any more. And the truth is, I REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A HOBBIT! Soon all my friends aquired Middle Earth names. It was funny to see friendship between a Hobbit, an Elf, a Dwarf, A Relf, And an Orc, but that's the way it was. It was Haras that thought of our name: The Alliance! The Alliance in Middle Earth!
That is how it happened. 

If you are wondering what in The Shire a Relf is, click on the link below, and scroll to the paragraph about Snake.

The ones who started it

Click on the link below to go to the Join The Alliance page, where you can join the Alliance.

Join The Alliance!