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My Memorial to Hobbit Lore
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There once was a great site called Hobbit Lore. It was located at and it was the best site in the whole world. Now it is closing down, if it is not closed already. This is my memorial to it.

Hobbit Lore was a site about legend and history, and many other things. it was also a forum, where people could share their opinions and ideas. It also had a Hobbit book of wisdom, and an awesome personality test. I was part of that site, joined as a member with the name Hanna Hobbit. It seemed so long ago, all those summer days when I would chat forever with the others. And those autumn evenings, when I was late to thanksgiving parties because I was having such a good time. the games, the jesus parties... but now... It has been almost exactly a year since i have joined Hobbit Lore, and since I have created this site. Time flies. I have preserved as much of that awesome site as possible, to show to my posterity. And to all of you.

On the other pages in this site, you can see what I have preserved of the old site.

This is what it said on the front page of Hobbit Lore:

A classic. An adventure. An epic. The Lord of the Rings trilogy touches something within every reader that longs for a greater story. What is this power? This magic?

Perhaps it is partially due to the perspective on our own lives that are, ironically, grasped as we read the history of Middle Earth. As strange as orcs, elves and barrow wights may seem, we see much in our own world that mirrors this strange earth... the struggle of good vs. evil, our individual struggles of will, the pursuit of courage and honor.

As we look at the master behind the myth, J.R.R. Tolkien, we begin to understand how significantly the depth and wisdom of his own life has played into the creation of the story. His scholarship and spirituality are intertwined into every page.

This site is an investigation into the fusion between legend and history, myth and reality... an investigation into the wisdom of the Lord of the Rings.