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My Memorial to Hobbit Lore

The People

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The People

The People who helped make HobnbitLore a great place.

The smart guy. With a super cool imagination, always good ideas, and a reasuring attitude, Beurgo Meadowbrooks was a valient and pure admin. And a vigient halfling. A good guy, overall.
Visit him at his site, here:
A super-cool place.
A real christian-freak. Known to the public as the limping Hobbit with the green mohawk and the thing for christian rock. Always spontanious, obnoxious, and just plain fun to be around.
You can find her site here:
The funny one. A hyper, loves-to-joke, pure and genuine friend. Always ready to make you laugh.
You can find her site here:
The best "figment of my imagination" i've ever had. Yes, she really calls herself that. Made of a bit of this and that, MirkGirl is a plain straightforward type of friend who can see past the real everday life and into the fantastic.
The realist guy. A nice Hobbit. A good disscusionist.
My newest friend. Also fairly new to HobbitLore. A very smart, funny, fun to talk to sort of person.

Notice: HobbitLore officially closed down on July 18th, 2005. May it's memory live on in peace.